SAR ST001 Alpine Rescue Stretcher

Ideal for Rescue
Type: Stretcher
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SAR ST001 Alpine Rescue Stretcher

The new ALPINE stretchers have been designed taking into account many comments over the years about other stretchers on the market.

There is no way you can please everyone and there are always those that can do better and have none constructive comments, but the following will try to explain the features.

It has a similar shape to the Alphin but on a closer inspection you will find that the section from the shoulders to the hips has been made parallel, it is also 10cm longer, taking into account the taller, larger population.

  • Both styles of the ALPINE can be split for long carries into casualty sites.
  • Both styles fold ski to ski for ease of backpacking by one person this is to reduce bulk on the carriers back and for economical storage.
  • When opened to receive a casualty the stretcher is not reliant on the lock to keep it flat when in a horizontal lift or carry position, however the lock is required when being used in vertical lifting, or sliding/sledging over edges or rough terrain.
    Both stretchers have the same design of skis made from square tube and they are wider at the head/ trunk end for more stability when sledging.
  • The Mountain Rescue (MR) stretcher has a ski pan set between the head end skis for ease of sliding over rough terrain and
  • snow but more important to protect the casualties back from rocks etc.
  • Both stretchers come with casualty securing straps and Lifting, Winching, Carrying and Dragging/Sledge pulling straps.
  • Both come with storage bag that has a single padded shoulder carrying strap and outside pouch for Inspection Record card.
  • Both will accept the fitting of carrying handles but the MR stretcher they come as standard.
  • Both will accept the fitting of the SAR Wheel and Head protection canopy.


(Civil Rescue)

Stretcher: 13.45kg.
Lifting straps: 1.75kg.
Length open: 2.1M.
Length folded: 1.05M.
Max width: 60cm.
Runner depth: 7cm


EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. Article 11 (5) and annex VII Class 1 devices.

The stretcher has been lifted by the RAF in exercise with the OMRT and found to be no different in handling as that of the steel version.



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