Fixed Gas Detection Servicing 

Safety Gear Store is partnered with a number of recognised manufacturers which include the world renowned gas detection leader Honeywell Analytics and BW Technologies.
  • Safety Gear Store service a wide range of new or existing fixed gas detection systems from various manufacturers.
  • Our experienced fixed gas team and fully qualified service engineers have a wide range of expertise and are able to recommend systems to suit your specific requirements.

  • We are able to offer a wide range of service contracts for your fixed gas detection system, whether this is an existing or a new system we have the capability and experience to offer a bespoke contract to suit your requirements and the service frequency of your fixed gas system. 

  • We offer ongoing maintenance and calibration of your fixed gas detection system from the majority of manufacturers and can put together a service contract that will meet your requirements.

  • With nationwide coverage our service team always carry spares with them to avoid any unnecessary costly delays to you.

Fixed gas detection systems do require essential calibration and service to ensure that the readings that they provide are both accurate and reliable, also in the event of exposure to gases the detection fixed system will activate the required alarm levels and trigger relevant beacons and sounders.
During a service and calibration visit our fully qualified engineers will visually inspect the gas detection system and apply certified test gases to the sensors, adjustments will be made to improve accuracy and account for any drift to the sensors since the last calibration.

What is fixed gas detection?

Fixed gas detection is installed with the aim of providing continuous area and personnel protection. Fixed systems typically have a long-life and require minimal maintenance and are able to connect to building management systems as well as other active safe systems.

Why fixed gas?

Fixed gas detection systems are installed to offer continuous monitoring of potentially dangerous environments.

Benefits of fixed gas detection

A fixed gas detection system protects you and your assets. In addition, it also protects your workforce against asphyxiation, poisoning and explosions/fire.

Continuous monitoring

Fixed gas detectors provide monitoring 24 hours a day, even if the majority of the time the area is unmanned it can be monitored to warn personnel of dangerous environments before they enter. Having fixed detection will reduce safety risks onsite creating a safer environment, often satisfying insurance policy criteria.


Although it is not a replacement for personal gas detection, a fixed gas detection system can reduce the time in which it takes to manually assess a potentially explosive area often reducing man hours and ultimately cost.

Reduced Maintenance

Fixed gas detection systems are often easier and cheaper to maintain than portable gas detection as they are less susceptible to loss and damage. The recommended service and maintenance schedule of a fixed gas detection system is to calibrate every 6 months with low sensor replacement frequency and cost. Little training is required to operate a fixed gas detection system and its use is less likely to be affected by misuse or ignorance.

Contact SGS to discuss your fixed gas requirements on 0800 678 5708 or email us at  
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