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  1. Calibration Service of GMI PS200 Multi 4 Gas Detector
    Calibration Service of GMI PS200 Multi 4 Gas Detector
    Calibration Service of GMI PS200 Multi 4 Gas Detector Learn More

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Service and Calibration

Safety Gear Store offers service/repair and calibration for a wide range of gas detection products these include, Drager, Honeywell, BW, RAE Systems, Industrial Scientific, MSA, GMI and Crowcon.

The only way to verify that a gas detector or gas monitor is responding accurately, to toxic or flammable gas exposure, is through routine calibration and functional bump tests.

Calibration and Service of your personal gas monitors and detectors is a key activity to ensure your units comply with legislation and regulations. Manufacturers of Gas monitors recommend that these meters are calibrated every 6 months to ensure the integrity of the sensors and confirm that the personal gas detector will alarm in the event of a toxic or flammable gas exposure. 

Why Calibrate?

In the space of just one month, gas sensors can drift as much as <2% to <5%. This is an undeniable fact for electrochemical sensor technology.

Regular service & calibration ensures:

  • 100% accurate sensor technology
  • Compliance with vital Health & Safety regulations

We can even carry out the calibration and service of your personal gas detectors and other servicable equipment at your site if this is more suitable for you (minimum of 10 meters required).
On receipt of your portable gas detectors our engineers will carry out an inspection and carry out the calibration and issue a test certificate, if on inspection we find any errors or sensor replacement requirements we will contact you with a quotation to carry out any additional works. 

Please call or email us with your requirements for further details at or call 0800 678 5708 / 01782 664072

Parts Required: Prices do not include parts, parts are replaced as per manufacturer schedule. Prices will be quoted before work is carried out.

Site Visits: We offer onsite visits to carry out the calibration on your personal gas detectors and other servicable equipment such as escape sets.

Monthly Inspections: 

Monthly inspections of your equipment onsite can be arranged. Price depends on the number of items serviced and your location.

Payment: Current Customers: 30 days net monthly account.

New Customers: Payment by cash, credit/debit card or BACS.


Important information

Even if your monitor is calibrated every 6 months something can go wrong with your monitor after it has passed the calibration and before the next calibration.  With an electrochemical sensor there is always a possibility of performance issues due to damage, knocks, moisture, contamination or mechanical failure this is why manufactures and ourselves recommend a bump test before every use.

What’s a Bump test?

Whilst the gas detection monitor is on and functioning it is exposed to a concentration of the target gas which should be high enough to initiate the visual and audible alarms on the monitor, this is the only way to check that the monitor will respond to its target gas.  This procedure is often referred to as a bump test or a bump check and it is a key to the safe use of portable gas detection equipment, it just takes 15-20 seconds per instrument but it may save your or someone’s else's life.

The amount of test gas used in a bump test is negligible and costs pence, especially in relation to the life and long-term wellbeing of an employee.

Visit our Bump/Calibration gas page for more details:-



Gasman bump test from Crowcon Detection Instruments on Vimeo.

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