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Tripod Components & Accessories

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Globestock Tripod Components

Components for Globestocks Standard and Compact Tripods
From £7.15 excl vat

Abtech ALKO Fall Arrest Tripod Clamp

Tripod Clamp
£22.77 excl vat

SAR Ground Anchor Strap

Sold with or without Karabiner
£29.71 excl vat

SAR Portable Anchor Leg Straps

Rated to 300kg per strap
£44.44 excl vat

RidgeGear RGR2 Tri Pulley Block

for additional working sheave on Tripod
£57.79 excl vat

SAR Quadpod Bag

£58.29 excl vat

Kratos FA6000201 Tripod Footboard

£58.74 excl vat

Tractel Bag : Tracpode

£63.00 excl vat

Ikar IKGBTB Tripod 68" Long Bag

Heavy duty PVC carry bag
£69.85 excl vat

Ikar Tripod 41-Z20 Pulley Wheel with Karabiner

Stainless steel pulley for use with the IKAR range of tripods
£73.25 excl vat

Miller 1034511 Transport Bag Miller Durahoist 3POD

£146.12 excl vat £86.00 excl vat

Kratos FA 90 109 00 10ft Tripod Storage Bag

£101.60 excl vat £86.36 excl vat

Xtirpa Mounting Bracket for G.Winch

£91.38 excl vat

DBI-SALA 8510207 Advanced Winch/SRL Mating Mounting Bracket

Dimension: 7.62 cm x 2.2 cm x 17.78 cm
Type: Advance Winch
£92.80 excl vat

Kratos FA 90 108 00 7ft Tripod Storage Bag

£95.04 excl vat

Abtech T07 Tripod Carry Bag

£95.42 excl vat

Ikar HRA 41-54/9.5-30 Tripod Bracket

HRA Tripod Bracket for devices under 60m
£110.75 excl vat £100.00 excl vat

Ikar Winch Tripod Bracket 41-54DWS

Bracket to connect an IKAR Winch to an IKAR Tripod
£128.65 excl vat £102.92 excl vat

Abtech RT07 Rescue Tripod Carry Bag

£104.09 excl vat

Abtech T05T - 15m Fall Arrest Winch To Tripod

15m Winch Bracket
£108.89 excl vat

3M™ Protecta® 3590499 Rebel Retrieval Self-Retracting Lifeline Mounting Bracket for Structure

Mounting bracket for KM1PT7 / PT9
£109.40 excl vat

Ikar Aluminium Bracket To fit HRA to Tubular Legged Tripod IKGBMB1

To fit IKAR HRA to a variety of legs or tubes
£137.85 excl vat £110.28 excl vat

Protecta AK0100 Carrying Bag for Aluminium Tripod

Suitable: 2.4m aluminium Tripod
Type: Carrying Bag Accessory
£110.45 excl vat

PRO AT052/1 Confined Space Pulley

Pulley with self- closing/locking carabiner fits up to 13 mm (1/2 in.) lifelines.
£111.55 excl vat