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ACM 150 FTIR Analyser

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Honeywell ACM 150 FTIR Analyser

FTIR-based analyser, for measurement of up to 14 gases per sample point.
£141,433.00 excl vat

The ACM uses versatile and proven Fourier Transform Infrared Technology to detect a wide range of volatile chemicals. It uses the infrared fingerprint of each gas for identifications which are free of cross interferences. It can also identify unknown chemicals or odours. Detection of new gases can be added at any time. By choosing between two sample cells the ACM can detect either ppm levels for monitoring toxic gases or percent levels for monitoring flammable gases.

The gas selections and alarm configuration for each point are easily configured or changed either from the front panel or remotely using just a web browser. Up to 14 gases can be detected at each point. Up to 4 points can be sampled together for increased speed. Because of its modular design and built-in diagnostics, the ACM is easy to maintain. An optional LonWorks interface is ideal for connection to Honeywell Analytics’ Life Safety System.