Height Safety Kits

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Height Safety Kits

The need to work at height occurs in many industries, and under these work conditions it is vital that the safety of these workers is of the utmost importance. We have a great range of working at height safety kits which are designed to provide the highest standards of safety for people working at height in a variety of settings and situations, including building maintenance, ladder access, roof access and a multitude of other applications.

Each kit consists of a full body harness, a shock absorbing lanyard / restraint lanyard or fall arrest system, and a bag for ease of keeping all your height safety equipment together and transporting from place to place. All components in our working at height safety kits are designed and made to the highest of safety standards, ensuring you meet all of the safety regulations for people working at height.

If you have any enquiries about height safety kits that are specific to your requirements then please contact us for more information.

EN 361
EN 353-2

Common Uses:
• Working at height
• Ladder Access
• Roof Access
• Production Line Inspection
• Building Maintenence


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