Load Arrestors

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Load Arrestors

Load arrestors prevent loads / equipment from falling to the ground – this is vitally important when lifting, lowering or suspending heavy equipment. If the primary lifting equipment fails in any way, then the load arrestor stops the fall by way of sensing the rapid movement and quickly locks to halt any further falling. This is important for two reasons. The first is to protect anybody or anything that may be underneath or in the way of the falling object, and the second is to protect the object / equipment itself from the fall. A shock-absorber is also featured in our load arrestors to ensure the safest and smoothest stop to any potential fall possible.

Load arrestors are typically used in all types of lifting including; construction, steelwork, material handling, as well as a whole host of other situations where a heavy and often valuable load needs lifting or suspending. If you are planning on hoisting any large or weighty items, then a load arrestor is perfect for giving that peace of mind that the load, and more importantly the people around and underneath the equipment are all considered with the highest of safety standards.

We stock a wide range of load arresters which are suitable for protecting loads whilst lifting, lowering or suspending in a wide variety of material handling applications. If you have any questions regarding the correct choice of load arrestor for your requirements, please call us for more information.

2009 : 98/37/CE

Common Uses:
• Lifting of Valuable loads
• Additional Protection for Lifting Material Handling
• Protection Against Primary Lifting Device Failure
• Protection when Lifting above Personnel


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