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MultiRAE Replacement Sensors

Type: Gas Replacement Sensors
£12.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 External Filter Tubing Extension

(Pack of 1)
£13.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Flexible Inlet Probe Connector

£14.00 excl vat

MultiRAE External Charger Holder

£17.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 T Calibration Tube P/N M02-3008-000

For Pump Model
£22.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 Calibration Cap

With Tubing for Diffusion model
£22.00 excl vat

MicroRAE Auxiliary Filter

(External Filter)
£24.00 excl vat

MicroRAE Mini LEL Sensor Filter H S

(Pack of 5)
£28.00 excl vat

RAE PC Communications Cable

(USB 2.0 Type A (Male) To Mini-B (Male) 1Meter Black
£29.00 excl vat

RAE Porous Metal Filters

(Pack of 5)
£30.00 excl vat

RAE Systems External Water Trap Filter P/N 008-3022-010

25mm without Adapter
(Pack of 10) For Pumped Model
£32.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Male Luer Lock Connector

(Pack of 20)
£32.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Charcoal VOC Filters

For CO Sensor
(Pack of 10)
£32.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Gas Inlet Adapter

(Pack of 3)
£32.00 excl vat

Protective Rubber Boot for ToxiRAE Pro Non-PID

For Non-PID
£32.00 excl vat

Protective Rubber Boot for ToxiRAE Pro PID

£32.00 excl vat

PID 10.6eV Sensor Maintenance Kit

(includes sensor cap, electrode panel, and cap removal tool)
(Used with ToxiRAE Pro family, MultiRAE family and AreaRAE Pro and Plus)
£32.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro Filter Replacement Kit Non-PID

(incl. cap, filter, and rubber gasket)
Pack of 3
£32.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro Filter Replacement Kit PID

(incl. cap, screw, filter, and rubber gasket)
Pack of 3
£32.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro Calibration Adapter Non-PID

(Pack of 2)
£33.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro Calibration Adapter PID

(Pack of 2)
£33.00 excl vat

Combined Instrument Top Cap / PID Sensor Cover Removal tool

(Pack of 2)
ToxiRAE Pro PID & MultiRAE Family
£33.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Automotive Charging Adaptor

12 VDC
£37.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 Dust Filter

For Diffusion Model
(Pack of 20)
£37.00 excl vat

MicroRAE AC Adapter

(for single-unit charging and PC comm's cradle)
With international prong kit
£38.00 excl vat

Alligator Clip Assembly

(with screw and washers)
Pack of 10
£38.00 excl vat

RAE External Filters

(Pack of 5)
With 1 Metal Connector (45 mm, 0.45 mm)
£39.00 excl vat

RAE Female Luer Connector

(Pack of 25)
£43.00 excl vat

MicroRAE Calibration Cap

With tubing
£44.00 excl vat

PID Sensor Lamp Cleaning Kit

(Cleaning fluid is not included)
£44.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Universal Wall Charging Adapter

110 VAC to 240 VAC, 12 VDC
£50.00 excl vat

RAE Tedlar® Gas Bag

(3 Liter)
£50.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 Holster Case

£53.00 excl vat

RAE Power Adaptor

AC/DC 100-240V Input, 12VDC/1.25A Output
(Used with PID Detectors, AutoRAE 2, RAELink 3 Z1)
£59.00 excl vat

RAE Organic Vapor Zeroing Kit

(Charcoal Filter Trap)
multiple use, with connectors
£69.00 excl vat

RAE Replacement Charcoal Filter/Trap

(Pack of 2)
Multiple use (for organic vapor zeroing kit)
£69.00 excl vat

MultiRAE 6" Flexible Probe

(Requires M01-3224-000 to be used with MultiRAE)
£70.00 excl vat

MicroRAE Cradle Charger

£72.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 Holster Case with Shoulder Strap

£77.00 excl vat

MicroRAE Travel Charger

£83.00 excl vat

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

£92.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Cradle for Charging and PC Communications

Compatible W/ ToxiRAE Pro PID
£92.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 Travel Charger for ATEX Certified Model

£92.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Travel Charger / PC Communications Adapter

(AC adapter or PC Communication cable P/N 410-0203-000 NOT included)
£92.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Power Adapter

AC/DC, 90-264V Input, 12V DC/3A Output
(For on- to-five power cable and Multi charger)
£95.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE External Charger for Battery

For ToxiRAE Pro and QRAE 3
£110.00 excl vat

RAE Alkaline Battery Pack

Intrinsically Safe
£115.00 excl vat

MultiRAE External Battery Charger

(No Power Adapter)
£125.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Holster Case

(Pumped models)
With Shoulder Strap
£142.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Combustible Sensors

Compatible W/ ToxiRAE Pro LEL Only
£157.00 excl vat

RAE Sensor Assembly

£164.00 excl vat

RAE Systems MicroRAE Accessories Sensors

O2 (Oxygen) sensor
Type: Gas Sensors Accessiries
£165.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro PID Fan Assembly

(includes fan and the O-ring)
£210.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

£210.00 excl vat

RAE Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

(Intrinsically safe)
For use with MiniRAE3000+ / ppbRAE3000+ / UltraRAE3000+
£222.00 excl vat

MicroRAE Kit, Truck Mount Charging Cradle

£227.00 excl vat

RAE Travel Charger

(No cables included)
500-0114-000 required for charge
£270.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 Truck Mount Charging Cradle

Requires 003-3004-000
£282.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Benzene Separation Tube Cartridges

(6 Cartridges/Box)
£337.00 excl vat

RAE Charging Cradle

£384.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro Electrochemical Toxic and Oxygen Sensors

Various Models Available
Compatible with ToxiRAE Pro EC Only
£395.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Replacement Sensors - Electrochemical Toxic and Oxygen Sensors

Various Models Available
£395.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro Multi-unit Charger

(AC adapter included)
For ToxiRAE Pro Family
£419.00 excl vat

SensorRAE 032-3100-000 Conditioning System

Type: Conditioning System
£448.00 excl vat

MicroRAE Gang Charger

(with Power Adapter, AC/DC, 90-264V Input, 12VDC/3A Output)
£499.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE PID Sensors (0.1 - 2,000 ppm; 0.1 ppm res; 10.6 eV Lamp)

Various Models Available
Compatible with Industrial Hygeine & Safety Instruments
£502.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Replacement Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Sensor)

Compatible with all MultiRAE models
Except MX and Benzene
£794.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Replacement Gamma Radiation Sensor

£893.00 excl vat

AutoRAE Lite Bump Test and Calibration Station - Model GTS 1000

Calibration Station
£1,115.00 excl vat £1,099.00 excl vat

AutoRAE2 T02-0103-000 Automatic Test & Calibration System

Part of a controller-based system
Type: Test & Calibration System
£1,689.00 excl vat

RAE Multi-Gas Parts and Accessories

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