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MultiRAE Replacement Sensors

Type: Gas Replacement Sensors
£10.00 excl vat

QRAE 3 Accessories, Sensors, and Replacement Parts

£73.00 excl vat

RAE Systems MicroRAE Accessories Sensors

O2 (Oxygen) sensor
Type: Gas Sensors Accessiries
£134.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Combustible Sensors

Compatible W/ ToxiRAE Pro LEL Only
£134.00 excl vat

RAE M01-0312-000 Benzene SEP Tubes Cartridges

6 Cartridges/Box and 6 Tubes/Cartridge
Type: Tubes Cartridges
£265.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE Pro Electrochemical Toxic and Oxygen Sensors

Various Models Available
Compatible with ToxiRAE Pro EC Only
£338.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Replacement Sensors - Electrochemical Toxic and Oxygen Sensors

Various Models Available
£343.00 excl vat

SensorRAE 032-3100-000 Conditioning System

Type: Conditioning System
£353.00 excl vat

ToxiRAE PID Sensors (0.1 - 2,000 ppm; 0.1 ppm res; 10.6 eV Lamp)

Various Models Available
Compatible with Industrial Hygeine & Safety Instruments
£430.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Replacement Carbon Dioxide (CO2 Sensor)

Compatible with all MultiRAE models
Except MX and Benzene
£690.00 excl vat

MultiRAE Replacement Gamma Radiation Sensor

£776.00 excl vat

AutoRAE Lite Bump Test and Calibration Station - Model GTS 1000

Calibration Station
£1,115.00 excl vat £1,099.00 excl vat

AutoRAE2 T02-0103-000 Automatic Test & Calibration System

Part of a controller-based system
Type: Test & Calibration System
£1,351.00 excl vat