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SAR Strecher Accessories

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SAR Strecher Accessories

Accessories for SAR stretcher products
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SAR Evac Lifting Slings

For use with stretchers in mountaineering, industrial rescue and helicopter winching.
£74.74 excl vat

SAR Adjustable Stretcher Lifting Slings

Length 1.2-2m
For SAR CR & MR Stretchers
£125.95 excl vat £107.06 excl vat

SAR Stretcher Lifting Bridle 1.4m

Dual adjustment system that allows each end to be adjusted using one buckle.
£170.66 excl vat £145.06 excl vat

SAR Basket Stretcher Slings 1.2m

Same features as the Adjustable Lifting Slings, but with an extra large connector on each leg, allowing attachment to the side tubing of a basket stretcher.
£206.27 excl vat £175.33 excl vat