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Heightec WK112 Rigger’s Tower Climber Kit

Inc: Helmet, Harness, Lanyard, PIRANHA & Kit Bag
Type: Height Safety Kits
£428.46 £364.19

Heightec WK04 Height Safety Roof Work Kit

Inc: versatile solution to working at height
Type: Height Safety Kits
£457.06 £388.50

Heightec Rigger’s tower climber kit

A versatile combination of equipment which allows for work positioning and fall arrest. Can be readily integrated into systems for rope access, rescue and evacuation, ideal for riggers in the telecoms and rigging industries.
£532.91 £452.97

Heightec WK13 Wind Turbine Climber Kit

Inc: Various things of Wind Turbine Climbers
Type: Height Safety Kits
£604.73 £514.02

Heightec Rope access kit

High specification industrial rope access kit with innovative new rope devices
£698.10 £584.75

Heightec WK35 Rescue Pack Pro Height Safety Kit

Inc: Rescue Reach Pole , Stretcher & Bridle & QuadPod
Type: Height Safety Kits
£1,682.09 £1,429.78